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about us

At Mexico Hunting, we specialize in whitetail deer hunting for all levels of hunters.  Whether hunters would rather lease a ranch and hunt on their own, our use one of our highly skilled guides, the goal is for every hunter to harvest the deer of a lifetime.  We are family-friendly as well, realizing that the hunting tradition and legacy are important to be passed to the next generation.

​As part of the SEASON LEASES, hunters enjoy world class dove, quail and duck hunting at no additional charge.  All leases (season and guided) get the opportunity to harvest wild hogs and javelina.  The hogs and javelina can not be transported back to the US, so they are donated to the local residents or consumed in camp.

Established in 2016, Mexico Hunting was founded over a couple of beers and a hand shake in a Mexican Cantina after former Texas A&M classmates and friends Kevin Persyn and Scott Neumann completed a week-long excursion in the brush country of Tamaulipas, Mexico. The pair brought an ice chest of beer, and a hope of finding a trophy of a lifetime. Their joint experience, enthusiasm, and the common interest of chasing Monster Whitetails, brought them to where we are today. A specialist travel company for hunters to experience the thrill of hunting Whitetails in the beautiful Mexican wilderness.

​Based on their common history of raising cattle and hunting together, along with an interest in promoting the rugged terrain and giant deer in Mexico, Kevin and Scott enlisted the help of prominent Mexican businessmen, ranchers, taxidermists, and community leaders to ensure safe, secure, outstanding, and long-term  whitetail hunting properties within the Mexican States of Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon and Coahuila.  While hunting opportunities abound in all 3 states, the majority of leases are found in the red dirt country of Tamaulipas.

​While both Kevin and Scott have hunted whitetail and exotics across the world, the company philosophy is simply to allow as many people as possible to experience the beauty and tranquility of hunting world class whitetails in Mexico. 

After enjoying the game rich environment during the 2017-2018 season, avid outdoorsman Jay Mar Walls joined the company.  He brings with him a unparalled passion for natural living and preservation and enhancement of the natural environment.  In addition to his ties with Mexico Hunting, Jay Mar is also an owner/hunter/cameraman for Southern Life Outdoors LLC which features hunts on the Pursuit Channel.