Price $3500 and up.
Hunters enjoy their own dedicated lease with a group of hunters they put together.  If you do not have enough hunters to fill the lease, we can help put groups together but our preference is you hunt with the people you know.   Lease size varies from 2 hunters all the way up to Corporate leases of 40 hunters.  

  • ​year around access
  • ​750 acres per hunter
  • one trophy buck (no trophy fees apply)
  • ​one management buck (mature 8 or smaller, 135" or less)
  • ​unlimited dove, duck and quail hunting during season
  • unlimited hogs and javelina
  • ​unlimited predators
  • ​accomodations -- power source (electric or generator-run house), running water, hot water
  • ​dedicated cowboy familiar with property available for hire to maintain feeders, clean senderos, etc.
  • ​other services available

Price $2500.

  • 5 day/4 night
  • ​Whitetail buck up to 140"
  • ​Hogs
  • Javelina
  • Predators (Coyotes and Bobcats)
  • Birds (Dove, Quail, Ducks, and/or Chachalaca)
  • Rifle, ammunition, deer permit, and Customs documents included
  • NOTE: You MAY permit your own rifle for approximately $150 and the process takes 4 weeks prior to your hunt.  We are glad to assist in the process. 
  • Hunts include hunting from blinds, spot and stalk, and driving the ranch
  • Fully furnished accommodations included during your stay 
  • Meals featuring local cuisine
  • Various drinks -- alcoholic and nonalcoholic
  • Non-hunters are $150.


Deposits & HUNT Payments

Larger and additional deer available:

  • Whitetail buck scoring over 140" -- $1000 additional ($3500 total)
  • SECOND WHITETAIL (under 140") -- $1500 additional
  • SECOND WHITETAIL (over 140") -- $2000 additional
  • Whitetail does -- $250 each
  • Limited blackbuck, fallow, and axis priced upon demand.

Year Around Lease

our Hunts

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​​All Hunts must be paid for in full prior to commencement of hunt

  • A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required when booking a hunt
  • Final payment is due upon arrival at the ranch in cash, money order, credit card, or cashiers check
  • Package upgrades and additional game must be paid for before leaving the ranch